Will 1xbet be Licensed in the UK Soon?

1xbet is a betting provider that operates on a global scale. The site is already available across multiple countries in Europe, as well as several countries throughout Asia. Currently, 1xbet is making a major effort to break into the UK market 

Will 1xbet get Licensed in UK? Here’s the Current Status 

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What are the Other Operators in the UK

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1xbet is originally a Russia-based betting site, which has already enjoyed huge success across several continents. The site has developed a strong reputation and is currently sponsoring Chelsea and Barcelona in football. Despite this success and recognition, 1xbet is struggling with regulations in the UK. 

Interestingly, as many UK punters may already know, 1xbet has previously been operating in the UK market. They have been able to do so through their connection and collaboration with the company FSB Tech. Therefore the site had technically been providing betting services through their affiliation to FSB Tech, which has now been scrutinized by the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission).

At the start of January 2020, the site has been suspended due to UKGC investigating 1xbet further and ensuring that they can operate under the correct license. This comes at a rather unfortunate time, especially considering that 1xbet has managed to align the brand with such high profile football clubs recently.

Future License 

More specifically, allegedly 1xbet has been suspended by the UKGC following several reported breaches of regulations. 1xbet has never openly admitted to any ‘grey area’ business practices, but the UKGC certainly felt that enough has been done to warrant the current shutdown of the UK site. 

It is still extremely early to predict, as the site has only been shut down as recently as the start of January 2020. So the real question is, what does all of this mean for 1xbet obtaining the required UK gambling license?

There is no definitive answer to this question, unfortunately, as there is very little publicly available information. However, there are certain hurdles that 1xbet will need to overcome before the license is approved. Obviously the currently suspended status of 1xbet in the UK is far from ideal for the site. The relationship with UKGC is clearly on shaky ground, and 1xbet will need to make a real effort to diffuse any tensions. 

Most importantly, the site will need to clear up the reasons for the suspension in the first place. The site has come under major scrutiny due to alleged ‘black markets’ on their site, including available bets for child sports and even cockfighting. There have also been allegations that the sites logo had appeared on some illegally operated sites, which could well be beyond the control of the site. 

Currently, none of this has been confirmed. Although while investigations are ongoing the UKGC has decided that the appropriate course of action was to suspend the site. Nobody can really give a true estimate for how long these investigations will go on for, therefore it can be extremely tough to provide an estimate as to when they may receive the gambling license and start trading again.

What Customers Can Expect if 1xbet is Licenced in the UK 

As previously mentioned, 1xbet is currently operating in multiple countries all over the world. With this being the case, the business has clearly operated successfully since its inception. Over the coming months, 1xbet will, of course, be cooperating with UKGC to facilitate appropriate investigations and ultimately obtain the appropriate license to operate in the UK.

1xbet unique promotional offers

As and when this license is approved, customers can expect a secure platform where they can enjoy betting on both sports and casino gameplay. 1xbet is actually quite unique as a sports betting provider. They don’t offer commonly seen welcome bonuses, and they certainly don’t reward their members with some of the common monetary incentives. So how is the site unique? Based on the other countries where 1xbet operates, customers can expect to see many similarities for the UK site.

To start with, 1xbet actually offers its members the chance to win physical prizes as opposed to monetary prizes. Prizes can range from new cars, vacation packages, new phones and many more. There are still monetary prizes to be won on the site, yet these are not as common as the physical prizes. 

Secondly, 1xbet tends to promote its members towards certain 1xbet TV promotions rather than specific sports or casino bonuses. There is a dedicated section of each and every 1xbet site, where members of that site can engage in the ‘1xbet TV’ promotions and watch them unfold.

And finally, members of the site can engage in competitions amongst other members for month-end prizes. For example, the player who wins the most accumulator bets on the site for any one month will be rewarded with a pre-selected prize each month. This isn’t commonly seen with the other UK based betting providers, and it gives a bit of an exciting twist.

What are the Other Top Operators in UK

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A Quick Recap: Everything you Need to Know

As it stands, the 1xbet site is suspended until further notice due to the UKGC investigation into the sites alleged regulation breaches. At this moment in time, these allegations have not been proven and no fines or further action has been taken by UKGC. Unfortunately, for those customers who had open accounts with 1xbet prior to this suspension will not be able to access their accounts. 1xbet has however assured these members that any funds that were held in their account are safe, and will be credited back to their account once the license has been obtained.

Understandably, the situation with the UKGC has been hurtful for the sites overall reputation in the UK. Sports bettors in the UK have voiced their distrust for the business following the preceding suspension of the site. While this is unavoidable, it shouldn’t automatically mean that 1xbet operates without integrity or without any ethics. 

Members of 1xbet who use the site from other countries are apparently quite satisfied with the site’s practices, and there aren’t many who claim that the site is untrustworthy or deceitful. The next few months will be crucial for 1xbet in the UK, and we expect to hear an update on the site’s suspension over the coming weeks.

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