Top Mobile Betting Apps in the UK

If you have been looking for a mobile app for your betting needs, then there are a few great options to choose from. We have reviewed two of the top options below and showed you the best of what they have to offer.

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Bet Online App: An Experienced Company With Bonuses and Promotions – 3/5

This online betting app service is a company that is new on the UK market which has been operating in the US since 2001. Opening its door to UK customers, this website has a minimum deposit of $50 a bet but comes with a bonus of up to $1000. Although the currency is in US dollars, the fixed minimum deposit amount makes it easy to convert it to pounds.

Offers and Promotions at Bet Online

Welcomes Bonus

Bet Online comes with a welcome bonus for new players that can be up to 50% or $1000 that helps introduce new players to betting without a high risk of losing. A 50% bet match is a great way to get new players to join that entices them to stick with the site long-term for placing bets on sporting events.  Also, once you begin playing, though this is not specifically for new players, you will get fast payouts.

Promotions For Existing Players

This website doesn’t offer any specific bonuses or promotions for existing players who stick with the site, but there are a few pluses that are great for those who stay with them. As a player on this website, you get to play $25 risk-free bets that can be placed on your mobile phone and you get 48-hour pay-outs so you get your money quickly. You can also have in-game betting with $25 each. Although Bet Online doesn’t offer any specials for UK users, there are many promotions to choose from so you can pick the one that gets you the most.

Boxing Offers at Bet Online

As far as I can see, there are no special offers for boxing bets mentioned on their website, at least none that are dedicated solely to boxing betting. However, with $25 risk-free player props and in-game bets and $50 mobile betting options, it gives you a lot to work with and look forward to when using this website for placing bets on your favourite sporting events.

Platform Review


With the growing ability to use digital means to do all your betting online, it is great to use a sportsbook to place your bets. This can easily be done all on your mobile device, instead of having to go to a physical location. Each sportsbook has its own odds, which isn’t usually a big difference but a bit here and there can add up, so find an option that will give you the best odds overall.

Mobile App

The Bet Online website comes with a mobile app that is available for all Android devices and doesn’t require any downloading through an app store. Unlike other apps, which are not allowed in most app stores because they are not licensed, this app is directly through the Bet Online website. Through the app, you can place bets, get payouts, and even customize the layout of the screen and site itself.

Because this app doesn’t need to be downloaded, you can access it from anywhere as long as you have a wireless internet connection or enough data. The app is also easy to navigate with a menu bar that you can click on to find exactly the page that you need to get to.

Deposit/ Withdrawals Options

When you need to deposit money or make a withdrawal, there are several ways to do so through this website. To deposit money, it is suggested to use bitcoin because there are no fees, no government agencies or banks involved, a 100% first deposit bonus, and a 35% reload deposit bonus. However, if you want to use a different choice you can choose between cash, credit or debit cards, money order, wire transfer, cashier’s check, and many other methods.

You can also choose any of these options for withdrawals as well, which allows you to decide how you would like to get your money. For both depositing and paying out money, you can choose any amount between $20 and $100,000. Anything over or under that amount will have to be deposited or paid out another time.

Customer Service

If you need help with anything on the website, from getting help setting up your account to placing your first bet, you can choose from multiple contact methods to receive assistance. The Bet Online website has a phone number to call if you would like to speak to a live representative, an email address where you can leave a message and receive a response, and there is even a live chat option.

The live chat is a text option that allows you to instant message a customer service operator through a chat room and get help through your phone or computer. The fastest way to get immediate help is through the live chat, but the email inquires are better for serious concerns. Both the live chat and phone number connect you with a representative and can be used 24/7 to get all the help you need.

Tiger Gaming: Casino, Sports, and Live Betting 4/5

This gaming website has a little something for everyone. With the live casino games where you can play Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, or Poker, you can pretend like you are a high roller in a Vegas casino from the safety of your personal computer. You can also use the sportsbook to place bets on the biggest current sports events like football games, boxing or tennis matches, or even college sports.

With live betting options, you can also keep up with the action and continue betting as the event is happening. Whether you like betting on the spread, or changing your favourite team to whoever is winning as the game progresses, you can find a great way to bet on Tiger Gaming that is still reputable and safe to use. You will need to register for an account to use the site, but that will only take a few minutes.

Offers and Promotions at Tiger Gaming

Welcome Bonus

As a new player and user of this site, you will qualify for a Welcome Bonus that will help get you started. This bonus consists of 100% so that you begin earning some dough right away. This will help give you a bigger return on your bets so you are able to keep playing and earning more in the long run. Because this website also has a live casino, you can also get additional welcome bonuses that will give you free spins on slot machines, and if you use bitcoin you will be entered into a $15,000 giveaway.

There isn’t any promotions that are geared toward the UK audience, but all of the bonuses apply to UK players, so you will still get all the perks of signing up, and you will also be able to access the promotions for existing players.

Promotions For Existing Players

If you have already tried your luck and bet on this website before, you have already gotten your welcome bonus. However, if you are loyal to this site, you are also eligible for other bonuses. If you do well in the casino bets, you can make it onto their leadership board. If you do, you will get extra bonuses for making it to the top.

One thing that is a bit odd with this site is that all their bonuses seem to focus around the casino games, and are not offered for those who want to bet solely on sports events. I would think that with sports betting being so popular that it would be a good idea to have some bonuses dedicated to live betters and sports fans, but that isn’t the case as of yet.

So, if you are only going to click on this site to go to the sportsbook, although they have a wide selection of events, you might not be getting the biggest returns.

Boxing Offer at Tiger Gaming

Although boxing is not one of the main sports that this website offers betting for, they do have a number of different boxing matches to bet on. Tiger gaming bets on the spread and shows the spread, money line, and total rounds on the boxing page so you can see everything in one organized chart. If you want to place a bet on the match, you simply click on it. It is straightforward and simple, which is great.

There are several different matches that you can place a bet on, and they go throughout the whole year. So, if you want to keep up with it, you can check out all of the matches available to see which ones you would like to bet on throughout the year before making any final decisions.

Platform Review


Tiger Gaming’s sportsbook has many different choices to pick from when deciding which sports events you want to bet on. With options like football, basketball, soccer, tennis, boxing, college football, and hockey, you have plenty of sports to choose from. If you are not an avid better, and just want to place a bet or two on certain games, you can choose to do that by searching for the exact game that you want.

This is easy to do because you just type the name of the teams that are playing in that game and it will search the category for that result. A great feature of this sportsbook is the quick bet feature. If you have a favourite team or player that you like to bet on, then you can put that on your quick bet slip so you don’t have to enter it every time. From then on, you will have the bet already set up.

You will just have to log in and click the box to turn it on, then the regular bet will automatically be filled in. The quick bet slip allows you to place bets between 5 and 1,000 dollars but does not allow for a custom slip. This means that the choices of 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, and 1,000 are your only options to pick from. They are chosen from a drop-down menu and there is no option to type in a new amount.

Mobile App

The Tiger Gaming site also has a mobile app that you can use for smart devices or personal computers that simplifies the betting experience even more. This app is not advertised directly on the website but is available with a quick search online. If you find the download for the app, you can get it installed on your smartphone or other mobile devices which will allow you to use the mobile version on your phone.

This app allows you to play all the casino games that are offered on the official website and place bets on the sportsbook as well. This app can operate on both Android devices and iPhones and seems to be mainly designed for poker. Although this is the main purpose of the app, you can also use it to find sports events and place your bets. You can also use the quick bet slip through the app for fast betting.

The app also offers some special promotions and freebies for users so that they continue to use the program. So, if you download this app, you could get some nice bonuses.

Deposit/ Withdrawals Options

Choosing a deposit and withdrawal method through this website may take you some time because, like many other options on this list, there are many to choose from. You can choose to use debit or credit cards, bitcoin, bitcoin cash, wire transfers, or person to person, just to name a few. The minimum deposit and maximum withdrawal amount vary for each payment method, so check each one before you make your final choice.

Although each method is different, the most common minimum deposit amount is $20. The maximum withdrawal amount varies wildly between each payment method, so there is no medium, but it ranges anywhere from $2,500 to $50,000. There is even a transfer option that has no withdrawal limit, however, the minimum deposit is $1,000.

Like other sites, Tiger Gaming pushes for the use of bitcoin as the safest and faster option for payment. Bitcoin transactions are free, and not all options are, and will be credited to your account the fastest. Most amounts will be credited to your account within 48 hours. So, it may be worth it to look into this option if you haven’t before.

Customer Service

Tiger Gaming has a customer support team that is ready to help you 24/7. With a customer service live chat that allows you to message a representative and get a response right away, you can get a question answered within minutes. There is also an email address that is dedicated to customer inquiries and concerns where you can send a message to for more complicated situations that may need a longer explanation.

If you have any problems with payments through the site, there is another email that is for payment processing and deposits. This will allow your concerns to get to the right people so that the issue is resolved quickly. If you have common questions that may already be answered, check the FAQs page to see if you can find it there before needing any help.

Betsson: Mobile Sportsbook and Casino 3/5

The Betsson Mobile betting app is an option that will satisfy all betting fans because it comes with a sportsbook and casino games. Through this app, you can choose to place a bet on your favourite sports team or play a hand of Blackjack to win some real money.

Offers and Promotions at Betsson

Welcome Bonus

As a welcome bonus for signing up and making your first deposit on this app, good for all UK players, you will receive a 100% match of up to 100 GBP. You can also get a free 25 GBP bet for having a deposit of 10 GBP or more. It should be noted though that the welcome bonus is either for the sportsbook or the casino, and not both.

Promotions For Existing Players

For existing players, you will also get some extra perks for continuing to use the app. Through Betsson’s loyalty program you will get points for each deposit you make. For every dollar that you spend for entry fees or rakes, you will receive ten points. These can be turned into cash and taken as winnings. They expire every 180 days, so remember to get them while you can. However, it seems like this app doesn’t have a special bonus for UK users, which would be a nice addition in the future.

Boxing Offer For Betsson

There are many different boxing matches available on this website so you will likely be able to find the match that you are looking for. They have categories for current matches, upcoming fights, and boxing specials so you can decide on which option you would like.

Platform Review


This betting app offers a long list of sporting events that includes all the major sports like football, soccer, basketball, and hockey, but it also offers some interesting options like horseracing as well. So, you can try your hand at another type of sports event if you want to mix things up every now and then.

Mobile App

The mobile app is a secured app that you can download from the official website. This is not found on regular app stores because many don’t allow apps that allow for betting with real money, so you will likely have to download if through an unknown source. However, the safety is guaranteed and the app is compatible with all Android devices.

Deposit/ Withdrawals Options

This app offers all of the same deposit and withdrawal options as its website, which includes major credit and debit cards, Ecopayz, wire transfers, and Skrill. This means that you have many options to choose from that are all safe and secure. Many of the payment options require a minimum of about 9 GBP, and most of the transactions have no fee.

Customer Service

If there are any questions or concerns about this betting app, you can contact their customer service support team through multiple methods. They have a phone number to call if you want to speak to a live person, an email to leave a message and wait to receive a response, or a live chat feature that will allow you to type out your question and be answered immediately.